about dbfs

Who we are

The Dutch Breeders Foundation of Show jumpers (DBFS) aims to stimulate and improve jumping horse breeding.

As a platform of highly motivated show jumper breeders, we exchange knowledge to bring show jumping horse breeding for ourselves and each other to a higher level. Every breeder wants to maintain or strengthen the quality of his or her mare line. The road from foal to successful sport horse is long. This road is full of opportunities and pitfalls. It starts with the mare and the mare line she comes from, then things like choice of stallion, pregnancy, birth, rearing and training. Exchanging experiences, ideas and opinions is not only exciting and fun, but can also be helpful. The DBFS organizes all kinds of activities and offers breeders opportunities to promote their own breeding and breeding products. 

Do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact the secretariat of the DBFS, send an e-mail to info@dbfs.nl.


The DBFS aims to create a structure and infrastructure within the equestrian world to positively influence, support and improve the breeding of show jumpers in the broadest sense.

This objective can be influenced, among other things, by mutual knowledge transfer. The DBFS aims for a positive critical dialogue with studbooks and other organizations associated with the breeding of show jumpers.

In our activities you can read how we want to realize our vision, among other things.

Added value

In order to realize our objective, the DBFS is looking for breeders who are seriously engaged in breeding show jumpers.

Dutch Breeders Foundation of Show jumpers. A club of and for passionate breeders.